Dorengo: The flexible and adaptable multimedia guide

Dorengo: The flexible and adaptable multimedia guide

What does Dorengo have in common with an octopus?

  1. One brain, but many arms.
  2. Each arm can be used independently of the others.
  3. Incredibly flexible and adaptable.
  4. Fits anywhere.
  5. Intelligent and adaptive.
  6. Countless touchpoints.

Create a sustainable and flexible system with Dorengo to offer a variety of digital solutions in your museum, national park or any exhibition. Add something new that is centrally managed and maintained with our content management system. This means you can always adapt your products and services to changing circumstances and needs.

Dorengo answers these questions for you:

  1. You need a web app for your users' own devices?
  2. Do you need rental devices?
  3. Or an additional GPS app?
  4. Or a media station in your exhibition?
  5. Or you want to make your media guides accessible on the website?
  6. Or create a small digitorial?
  7. Or set up digitally enhanced posters, display boards or something similar in- or outdoor?
  8. Or digitally extend tactile objects, like we do in our NFC travelling museum?
  9. You want to create barrier-free offers?

All this and much, much more is possible with Dorengo. There are even more arms than an octopus has. A selection of our successful projects:

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